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About Us

VB Group is into multiple sectors that deal with B2c and B2B. Now, this Book MY Colours is another newer addition to VB Group. If we see into very common needs of everyone house is a very common one. Your house or office demands constant up keeping where the painting is an integral part of this up keeping. VB Group intended to keep the presence felt through the attractive wall painting. It is often seen many commercial and residential entities prolong the necessity of painting thinking it as a tedious task. VB Group worked on this aspect and came up with a friendly Book My Colours entity online. It creates your painting task seamless, cost-effective and up to date. Never take back from painting task thinking it as a tedious and time taking one. Now, Our Book My Colours team always a click away to carry out the task cost-effective and efficient for you all.

Our Vision

VB Group intended to prove that painting is not anymore a tough task and this a kind of creative task that can add up well in improving your lifestyle. Whether it is a commercial space or residential space, VB group wants to be the service of your choice provider for up keeping the looks and durability of your structure. Experience and expertise are always key factors in succeeding any task. VB Group intended to prove as your trustworthy choice for your all types of painting needs. Here, our experience and expertise leveraged in a way to translate the painting task into effective, quick and cost-effective. Our mission is to be a remarkable choice for everyone whether it is a commercial or residential entity.

Our Team

    K VENUGOPAL Board of Director
    RAMA KRISHNA Execuitive Director

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